It turns out that the Maryland House of Delegates would not follow the state senate and delay the implementation of the paid sick leave law in Maryland, letting it take effect as scheduled last Sunday. After serious lobbying by the business community, the senate had agreed to postpone the mandate until July in order to give businesses more time to prepare. The House was contrarily-minded however, and the dictate of paid leave on all employers with 15 or more employees (1 hour earned for every 30 hours worked) became law as scheduled on February 11. And similarly, over in the Nation’s Capital, DC Council Chairman Philip Mendelson announced he will not advance any of the five bills pending that would amend the DC Family Medical Leave law. Last year, Mendelson signaled a willingness to consider amending the DC law, which currently mandates 8 weeks of paid leave funded through a 0.62% payroll tax on employers.