Although they weren’t as extreme as the NLRB under the Obama administration, there’s change taking place at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well. The business community should note that last week, President Trump nominated Iraq war veteran Daniel Gade to the final vacant post on the Commission. Gade, a graduate and former professor at West Point who retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel earlier this year, has been an ardent supporter of veteran’s rights and advised on veteran and disability issues in the George Bush administration. If confirmed by the Senate, Gade will complete the appointments to the Commission, leaving only the General Counsel slot for President Trump to fill. Commissioner Jenny Yang, who was replaced as Chairman by the President earlier this year, is a holdover on the Commission as her formal term ended July 1, 2017. Whereas the NLRB is charged with protecting against unfair labor standards under the National Fair Labor Standards Act, the EEOC investigates all claims of discrimination levied by individual employee based on federal anti-discrimination standards.