Finding dependable, trustworthy and customer service-minded employees is a considerable and constant challenge for franchise owners. And, once you have such people on staff, there’s the matter of holding on to them. Enter Diversified Solutions, a new DDIFO Sponsor specializing in employee recruitment and retention, and offering discounted services to DDIFO members.

Diversified Solutions takes the guesswork out of hiring by accurately predicting performance and retention. Simple and affordable online screening and selection tools help you streamline your hiring process to recruit the best employees while reducing staff turnover. Diversified Solutions’ tools can also help identify which of your employees are suited for managerial or supervisory roles. There is even a tool for measuring the success potential of a prospective partner, or for self-evaluation. The tools — available in more than 30 languages — were developed using scientific and advanced statistical methods based on 30 years of performance research by Self Management Group, a partner of Diversified Solutions.

“I am very passionate about our services,” said Diversified Solutions President Chrishelle Gavoni. “I want to help Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners find and keep the best employees without wasting a lot of time in the process, and I know our tools can do just that.”

The ServiceScreen™ uses service-specific criteria to assess talent, work history and probability of success through a series of standardized, objective and validated questions. You would use this screening tool to gather background information and to evaluate a candidate’s relevant traits and attitudes. Via the Self Management website, you can email prospective employees inviting them to the complete the online ServiceScreen.

The screening takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and costs you just $5 per candidate. Pre-Screen questions immediately eliminate any candidates who are not suitable due to age, eligibility to work in the US, prior felony conviction, etc. If prospective employees don’t “pass” this section, the system automatically generates a message thanking them for their interest but signifying are not appropriate candidates for the job. You are not billed for the screening of any prospective employee who doesn’t advance past the pre-screening.

Candidates who pass the pre-screening move on to answer standard background questions related to their education, employment status and history, experience in the service industry and the like. This is followed by a characteristics section and an opinion section in which candidates rate themselves in relation to different characteristics and the degree to which they agree or disagree with statements about different aspects of service.

The results of the screenings are automatically emailed to you or a manager you designate. The three-page report provides a snapshot of the candidate’s service potential and background information. The report color-codes each of a candidate’s characteristics responses: green, yellow or red and provides an overall recommendation. Green indicates the candidate is well-suited; yellow, or proceed with caution, indicates the candidate shows areas of weakness; or red, or redirect, indicates the candidate is not suitable. The report also suggests specific questions to ask in a follow-up interview.

“When a franchise owner receives screening results, I’m happy to review the report with them by phone to make sure they get the most out of it. I try to provide each and every client with that kind of personalized service and attention,” said Gavoni.

The ManagementScreen™ is similar to the ServiceScreen, but is more focused on management-specific criteria like a candidate’s level of independence, conflict management skills, etc. This tool measures an individual’s suitability for managerial or supervisory positions. Each management screening also takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and costs $5 per candidate.

 The FranchisePro™ is more in-depth and is intended to predict performance at the franchise owner level, or evaluate current performance as a franchise owner. This tool is perfect if you are considering bringing a franchise partner on board. It also offers the opportunity for your own self-evaluation to see where you stand as a franchisee, what your strengths and weaknesses are. You could also combine uses to get a sense of how your traits, strengths and weaknesses match or balance those of a potential partner. This profile takes about 30 minutes to complete and costs $50. The profile criteria relate to issues such as leadership style, people skills, success rate and self-confidence. The results are compiled in a 12-page report and include leadership and coaching suggestions.

All of the data from your screenings and/or profiles is retained on the Self Management website. This means not only can you access the data at any time, but also you can have a pre-qualified pool of prospective employees at hand and you can see the actual impact of using the screenings over time. As part of its service, Diversified Solutions also offers an annual validation study so you can see your retention improve from year to year.

No matter the type of screening or profile, all are available on a pay-as-you-go basis; there is no contract involved. Billings occur monthly based on the number of services used. What’s more, the pricing indicated above is special for Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners only. By comparison, Diversified Solutions normally charges $8 to &10 per ServiceScreen or ManagementScreen, and $75 to $175 per FranchisePro profile.

 “I believe so strongly in our services and our ability to help DDIFO members that I made the decision to reduce the pricing,” said Gavoni. “I would rather have a higher volume at a lower price and know that franchise owners will be able to take advantage of our tools to identify the best people out there.”

In addition, each franchisee who contacts Gavoni will receive two complimentary codes — one to run a free ServiceScreen, one for a free ManagementScreen — so you have the chance to experience the service at no cost or obligation.

For more information check out the Diversified Solutions DDIFO microsite or contact Chrishelle Gavoni at 1-800-566-0112 or 781-291-1610, or by email at