Nation’s Restaurant News Jim Sullivan

Recent industry research shows that shaving two seconds from every  drive-through customer’s wait time can generate an additional $12,000 in monthly  sales, simply because of improved to efficiency and subsequent volume.

In this video breakdown, I share the six key essentials necessary to  accelerate drive-through delivery and throughput, from a two-handed delivery to  making sure everything is being measured. The tips are based on my work with  more than 50 well-known quick-service restaurant brands. I encourage you to show  this video to any restaurant drive-through team right before a busy shift and  make “just-in-time” training a reality for your crew.

Jim Sullivan is chief executive and founder of,  which designs leadership, service and sales-building products, programs and  services for the Top 200 restaurant and retail brands worldwide. Clients include  McDonald’s, American Express and Walt Disney Company. More information on  Sullivision and its products and services can be found at