Or at least it seems that way to many elected officials with regard to minimum wage levels. To underscore, let’s look at an example from both the east and west coasts.  ‘Raise Up New York’, a newly formed coalition of labor and advocates in the Empire State, is working on resurrecting legislation filed by state senator Jennifer Ramos to raise the statewide minimum wage to over $20 per hour. Senate bill 3062, which is currently being deliberated by the Senate Labor Committee, would incrementally raise the wage floor statewide over the next three years with New York City reaching $20.45 per hour by 2025! Subsequently, the wage would be indexed to inflation and labor productivity. It keeps the tip credit system intact and provides that as the minimum rises, so too would the wages for tipped workers increase accordingly. But, an even more extreme proposal is being suggested for the federal minimum wage (currently $7.25/hour) by a Congressional candidate out in the state of Washington. Rebecca Parson, running for Congress representing the 6th Congressional district in the state of Washington, is proposing that the federal minimum wage should be raised to $30/hour! Endorsed by the Democratic Socialist Party of America, Parson tweeted out last week that “$15 minimum wage is an antiquated demand. It should be $30 per hour” regardless of the region of the country and went on to declare that the demand for $15/hour “is no longer commensurate with real-world conditions”! She ran for Congress 2 years ago collecting 35,000 votes. Real-world conditions may be coming home to roost in West Hollywood, California which recently adopted one of the highest minimum wages in the nation – starting at $17.64 per hour for hotel employees with wages for all employees rising every 6 months to reach the same rate by July, 2023. After hearing some “real world conditions” from employers and business owners, councilors amended the ordinance to cap CPI wage increases to 4% per year and allow employers to cap compensatory time at 192 hours. Small consolation, but a step in the right direction anyway!