There was more info coming out this past week on the Philadelphia soda tax and the havoc it is reaping on the local economy in the City of Brotherly Love. The Tax Foundation released a detailed report one week ago on the Impact of the soda tax and how the tax was failing to achieve the revenue and results its advocates promised. And, to drive those points home, the headlines the report generated, such as the following from US News, were real eye-catchers: “Philadelphia Soda is More Expensive Than Its Beer”! The report showed many Philadelphians are now driving outside the city to purchase soda (and at times, other groceries as well) to avoid getting hit with the 1.5 cent per ounce levy and that the tax was having its greatest negative impact on the inner city poor who could not as easily get to suburban outlets for untaxed beverages. The report also illustrated that only 49% of the (lesser than projected) revenue from the tax was going to the pre-kindergarten education it supposedly targeted. A failure all around, but the fact that one can now purchase a six-pack of beer for less money that a six-pack of soda is the ultimate irony! Is it any wonder that Philadelphia was identified as one of the 15 worst run cities according to a study by