The City of Brotherly Love passed a special tax on sugary beverages back in June of 2016 with many promises from Mayor Jim Kenney about the money the levy would generate without hurting Philadelphia businesses. It now seems he was wrong on both counts! We’ve advised in the past how the money the tax has generated is missing the projected revenue target by substantial amounts. Well, now comes an report from the city Controller that acknowledges that the tax is costing Philadelphia businesses big money as consumers head out of the city for their beverage purchases. Some 45 percent of affected businesses responded to the survey conducted by city Controller Alan Butkovitz and indicated a loss in year to year receipts in excess of 10 per cent. And, the bloom was further coming off the soda tax rose at a public hearing in Harrisburg, primarily to discuss House Bill 1312, legislation that would remove Philadelphia’s preemption of local taxes and give commuter workers in Philadelphia a credit against the Philadelphia non-resident wage tax. Many attended the hearing to testify in opposition to the continuing the soda tax.