Voters in Washington State will have the opportunity to do the same thing that California legislators did a few months ago when I-1634 is on the ballot in November. Initiative-1634 is an initiative petition that would prohibit local communities from levying new or increased taxes, fees or assessments on raw or processed foods, beverages, or their ingredients intended for human consumption. At the same time however, the measure exempts alcoholic beverages, marijuana products and tobacco as well as any such taxes, fees or assessments that were in effect on January 15, 2018. This last exemption was drafted specifically to allow collection of the Seattle soda tax (at $1.50 per ounce since January 1, 2018) to continue unimpeded.  I-1634 is funded by Big Soda through a coalition of retailers, restauranteurs, and even community groups and enjoys the support of organized labor in the state as well. Politics does make strange bedfellows!