It started with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg prohibiting customers from purchasing soda in containers larger than 16 ounces, but the courts ultimately overturned his NYC soda ban.  With that door shut tight by the US Constitution, progressive local officials turned their sights on their taxing power and are now advocating special taxes on “sugary drinks”.  Well, in the heat of the presidential primaries, even the little local issues may generate free media coverage for their campaign, so three of the five candidates still pursuing their party nomination came out with opinions on the issue pending in Philadelphia.  Asked about the “soda tax” before the Pennsylvania primary this past Tuesday, democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton endorsed the new tax saying she was “very supportive” of the 3-cents per ounce assessment.  Conversely, her challenger Senator Bernie Sanders called the tax regressive and opposed it strongly in an op-ed last Sunday in Philadelphia Magazine.  Across the aisle, Ohio Governor and republican candidate John Kasich weighed in, simply saying “Whenever you raise taxes, you basically hurt economic development.”  Neither Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz commented on the proposed tax.