Ballot initiatives to impose additional taxes on sugary drinks went undefeated on Election Day as four more local communities (3 in California) passed the initiatives.  San Francisco, along with Albany and Oakland all passed sugary drink taxes, mimicking the first-in-the-nation soda tax enshrined in Berkeley back in 2014.  These measures, each of which assess an additional local sales tax of 1 cent-per-ounce on sugary drinks, passed handily in all three communities with 71% in favor in Albany, and 62% approval in San Francisco and 61% in favor in Oakland.  The fourth to win voter approval comes out of Boulder, Colorado where over 54% of voters were in favor of tacking a 2-cent-per-ounce excise tax onto beverage distributors.  Although it wasn’t on the ballot, the Cook County Board of Commissioners voted yesterday to impose a soda tax across the county, which includes the city of Chicago.  And lest you be led to believe that this tax is about childhood obesity as is often said, notice that this Chicago Tribune article with ample comments from various Cook County Commissioners never once mentioned childhood health!  Expect to see other soda tax initiatives continually being floated across the country.