Over the past few weeks, we have been glad to be able to advise you of some additional state-sponsored COVID relief and business assistance programs. This week, we’re happy to report on a couple of more that are in the works. First in Harrisburg last week, the Pennsylvania Senate passed a $912 million COVID relief bill – unanimously – that seeks, among other goals, to assist businesses hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and accompanying shutdowns. The Senate bill, which still must be approved by the House of Representatives and the Governor includes $145 million in worker compensation funds which would be distributed by the counties to businesses in $50,000 grants. On a similar note in Maryland, the state senate also this week gave its approval to a $1.5 billion stimulus and relief bill and scheduled it for final approval in the senate later today. The stimulus package, filed initially by Governor Larry Hogan, saw senators add some $500 million in additional assistance. The RELIEF Act, as it is now known, also extends a previously adjusted calculation for unemployment insurance reducing business obligations and allows some businesses to keep up to $12,000 in sales tax revenue due to the state. The bill should pass the senate today and go to the House next week.