I have always been a big sports fan, pretty much any sport too, where the game is challenging and the skills of the players something to behold. So, it should come as no surprise that I am a fan of the Olympic Games, and while watching the dazzling opening ceremony, I had a bit of a flashback when the Korean team marched into the stadium behind the “unity flag” of the Korean peninsula. My mind recalled the Unified Team – athletes of 15 formerly Soviet Republics – that competed in the 1992 Albertville Games and how true it is that some things change while some things don’t.

Those 15 countries from the 1992 Unified Team still send teams of outstanding athletes, but this year they marched into the Olympic Stadium under the flag of their own country. Some things change, some things don’t.

On the day that they lit the Olympic Torch, Dunkin’ Brands took to the field at iconic Fenway Park to host its 2018 Investor and Analysts Day and unveil its plans for the future. Dunkin’ executives praised the new concept stores, touting how they’ll improve efficiency and the overall customer experience. The addition of a dedicated mobile drive-thru for on-the-go customers will ensure their purchases are expedited and their loyalty to Dunkin’ is solidified. Some things change, some things don’t.

As to Dunkin’s future growth, the Investor Day presentation targeting 1,000 new stores by 2020 echoes a figure we heard a few years back and reaffirms the corporate commitment to that expanded national presence. At the same time, the total elimination, by the end of 2020, of the iconic Dunkin’ Styrofoam coffee cup was also announced as an environmental necessity. Some things change, some things don’t.

And, moving forward, customers will have signature cold beverages available from the new tap system, including coffees, iced teas, plus a host of cold brews—including a nitro-infused option. Maybe, some will be quaffing a coffee beer from Dunkin’ and Wormtown Brewery. Everyone will enjoy the new simplified menu, we are told. Some things change, some things don’t.

We all know about a possible leadership change at Dunkin’. Of course, the topic came up during the investor day. Nigel Travis was asked directly if he’s leaving when his contract expires this year. He didn’t answer either way, but assured all that when he does, Dunkin’ won’t miss a beat. There’s a strategy in place and plans are laid out to ensure the long-term benefit of Dunkin’ Brands. Some things change, some things don’t.

It’s an exciting time for Dunkin’ Donuts and the franchise owners who make the company great. And as is always the case, this kind of change brings a certain amount of anxiety to all involved, but with the 100 percent franchise model, the company remains an integral part of each community in which it operates – and that franchise owner, a local business man or woman. The quality of Dunkin’ food and beverages, coupled with fast friendly service, has always been the Dunkin’ calling card. It has been and continues to be the glue that binds Dunkin’ with its customers and neighbors, and that’s one of those things that doesn’t change.

Well, the Olympics is back on now. The United States won its first medal ever in the men’s luge competition, but so far, we’ve been shut out of the speed skating medals completely and we still have never won a medal in the Biathlon. Some things change, some things don’t; some things should, some things shouldn’t.