Tip pooling has encountered its share of problems and challenges around the country over the past few years, but the Granite State seems to have all sides of its house in order on the subject. Voluntary tip pooling is permitted amongst directly tipped employees in New Hampshire, but not with the back side of the house – that is until September. Senate bill 37, signed into law by Governor Sununu in early July, provides that effective September 3 2017, tip pool participants can choose to agree to provide a portion of their common tip pool to other employees, regardless of which side of the house they worked or what their job category. The key proviso is that the participants must agree voluntarily and without coercion. Tip pooling is also legal in the state of Minnesota, with the caveat that the employer cannot require employees to participate. The fact that prohibition exists didn’t bode well for the Surly Brewing Company when a Hennepin District Court judge found that the company did impose tip pooling on its employees and one of their bartenders brought the matter to court. There was no allegation that the company had taken any money from employees – rather, that it had required the tip pool contrary to Minnesota law.