On the issue of joint-employer, states are still looking to insulate businesses within their borders from the NLRB re-definition by codifying the traditional definition in state law. South Dakota is the latest in a string of states to enact laws limiting “joint employer”. Governor Dennis Daugaard signed Senate bill SB137 into law last week after the bill was handily approved by the South Dakota legislature. Likewise, Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming signed SF 0094 into law on March 6, clarifying the franchise relationship in The Cowboy State. A similar bill in Arizona has been sent to the Governor for final approval. The bill, HB 2322, would codify the traditional definition in The Grand Canyon state. Although SB 2110, a joint employer bill, died in committee in the Mississippi legislature at the end of last month, the New Hampshire Senate passed SB89 and sent it on to the House, where it is currently pending in the Committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs. We’ll keep you posted on any further movements.