Cliff Pratt, IKMS Group

Cliff Pratt, IKMS Group

Passion is described in Webster’s Dictionary as a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, Cliff Pratt of IKMS Group has passion for utilizing technology to help business owners become more productive.

Cliff founded IKMS to make business administration easier for the retail unit manager while providing significant cost savings through greater accuracy, improved loss prevention control and reduced information processing time.

Cliff Pratt and IKMS Group brings Dunkin franchisees, web based applications that enhance and improve daily operations.  When the need for improved cash control, sales reconciliations, ordering, inventory or document management, IKMS has an application geared to making the process easier for the shop manager.  While simplifying the manager’s task, the information is compiled for home office and executive needs.  Training new personnel with online systems eliminates most of the required learning curve and forces a consistent process.

By centrally and consistently compiling information across your organization, data integrity is vastly improved.  Administration is disbursed, while control is centralized.  Data is recorded once for use in many applications, eliminating redundancy of data entry and the errors that occur. Working in conjunction with existing systems, these applications will extend present technological investment values.

Mitzi Lawlor has been using IKMS Software for over 6 years in her 24 store network she says, “Cliff clearly understands our business both at the CML level and at the shops, his back office system allows us to manage every facet of the business in every conceivable way possible. Cliff is able to provide the IKMS system very cost effectively, and best of all his customer service is impeccable.”

Cliff is a Bentley University graduate, with a BS in Accounting, Finance and Administration. During his business career he served as CFO, COO, CEO, and President of companies both large and small, in a number of industries including retail, apparel, franchising, banking, manufacturing, distribution, and software.

From decades of data processing and information technology experience in design and implementation, Cliff has developed an understanding on how to deliver key information as it relates to Strategy, Management and Control (SMC), to help the small business owner make the best possible decisions.

Mark Dubinsky, a former franchisee, a 20-year DDIFO member, and the President of the Methuen CPL says, “I have been and continue to be a fully satisfied client of Cliff Pratt and IKMS Group for several years.  IKMS Group offers the Dunkin franchisee real retail intelligence, an uncommon level of commitment and support, and a keen desire to help solve a most vexing business problem – to understand what is really going on in his business at that moment.”

As a former employee of Dunkin Brands, Cliff knows Dunkin Donut’s systems and operations. He understands both the franchisee and franchisor sides of the relationship. IKMS has put a great deal of effort into system design to shorten the time a manager needs to spend on the computer.  Dunkin Donut’s stores operate most efficiently when the manager spends their time managing the store and not the computer.

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