In just over a year, Sprint has seen tremendous growth in its Dunkin’ Donuts customer base, going from about 100 customers to 1,800. What accounts for this remarkable success? The carrier believes the DDIFO Sponsor Program largely drove the surge.

Sprint signed its initial sponsorship agreement in June 2010 and immediately invested in optional promotional opportunities, advertising on the DDIFO website and in Independent Joe and sponsoring the 2010 National Members Meeting. Sprint also chose to spark off its new partnership by offering a 15 percent discount on select cell phone plans to any Dunkin’ Brands employee, whether a new or existing Sprint or Nextel customer. The carrier simultaneously implemented its own national marketing efforts to make sure Dunkin’ employees everywhere knew about the special offer.

“We were so excited to work with DDIFO that we wanted to hit the ground running, gaining immediate exposure through the Sponsor Program opportunities as well as creating a buzz with our own efforts,” said Account Manager Caroline Fedele.

In fact, the payoff has been so substantial that Sprint is now working towards offering a discount on Business Solutions to Dunkin’ franchise owners. Sprint offers Converged Solutions (moving from wired to wireless), Machine-to-Machine Technology and a host of other programs. Fedele says with Sprint, deploying a wireless network at multiple remote locations is easy and affordable.

“Sprint’s Business Solutions can be implemented in just days and often leverage existing infrastructure to minimize upfront costs. This enables franchise owners to rapidly and cost-effectively install wireless networks to deliver next-generation applications and services.”

Sprint is the only carrier to offer truly unlimited 4G data plans with no cap or overage charges and is continuing to improve customer service and satisfaction, investing $4 billion in network enhancements. Its Network Vision is an innovative plan to further enhance voice quality and data speeds nationwide. The carrier will consolidate multiple network technologies (4G, 3G and Nextel) into one, seamless network over the next couple of years. When completed, customers will enjoy enhanced service coverage areas and additional network capacity. Launching in late 2011, Network Vision mobile devices will incorporate all three technologies and automatically connect to the best available network.

To find out more or to sign up for discounts, contact Caroline Fedele at 781-367-1057 or You can also meet with Sprint representatives at DDIFO’s National Members Conference and is sponsoring a breakout session:

“Access to Capital –Financing Options” Moderated by: Thomas Colitsas, CPA, Edison, NJ DDIFO Director, Panel of Presenters: Scott Kantor, Business Financial Services; George Ziminski, Capital One Bank; Robyn Gault, Direct Capital Franchise Group; Sally Buffum, Fidelity Bank, and Ab Igram, GE Capital, Franchise Finance.