The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) this week issued an email alert advising that the extended timeframes authorized on March 20, 2020 for employees to resolve SSA and E-Verify Tentative Nonconfirmations (mismatches) will no longer be available as of last Friday, July 15, 2022. As of that date, the SSA resumed normal operations regarding E-Verify mismatches. Consequently, cases again must be referred in E-Verify within 10 federal government working days after the issuance of a mismatch. Employees with any mismatch referred on or after July 15, 2022 must take action to resolve it within 8 federal government working days. And as a reminder to all employers, no adverse action may be taken against an employee because the mismatch is in an interim case status. Employees with an SSA mismatch referred between March 2, 2020 and July 14, 2022 have until September 29, 2023 to resolve it.