Following an array of cities on both coasts as well as its “Twin City” Minneapolis, St. Paul Minnesota joined the ranks of those local governments now mandating paid sick leave for employees of private companies.  The St. Paul city council, which had been deliberating the legislation over the course of several months, finally enacted the requirement earlier this month, and on a unanimous 7 – 0 vote to boot!  Back in February, the council created a sick leave task force to consider different aspects of any potential legislation. The ordinance mandates 1 hour sick leave earned for every 30 hours worked and will allow employees to accrue up to 80 hours over a two year span.  Unlike the Minneapolis ordinance, which exempts so-called “micro” businesses (those with fewer than 6 employees), the St. Paul version applies to all private employers regardless of size or the number of workers they may employ. Mayor Chris Coleman signed the ordinance into law on September 9.