Starbucks reported positive same store sales of plus 9% in the company’s Q2 earnings report on Tuesday of this week. The favorable result was comprised of positive ticket of 22% along with negative transactions of 10%. Against a backdrop of increased 2021 guidance, the company’s tone was very self-congratulatory notwithstanding that it was still comparing to a flawed 2020 base while many other companies compare to a cleaner pre-pandemic 2019 base. It also noted mobile transaction were 26% of sales (up from 18% last year) and out the window sales were 50% of total sales. Starbucks executives also reported that the spring Oatmilk beverage lineup was doing well and that 70% of the targeted 800 store closings have been completed with 200 of them replaced with smaller drive-thru focused units. As expected, center city urban stores are still doing poorly.