Earlier this month, Starbucks announced that it will increase the starting wage for its baristas in all stores to $12 an hour beginning in October. The company had previously announced plans for the across-the-board increase to take place in January, but pointed to better than expected performance to justify the early increases. Elsewhere, two baristas in Philadelphia allegedly fired by the Seattle-based company for union organizing won their lawsuit before the National Labor Relations Board. Administrative law judge Andrew Gollin awarded the plaintiffs $100,000 along with reinstatement and back pay and ordered Starbucks to post a flier in two of its Philadelphia stores stating that it will not violate workers’ rights to organize! (Sounds quite a bit like the business equivalent of “I will not talk in class.”) The baristas’ victory may be fleeting however, as Starbucks plans to appeal the decision and so long as that appeal in the now two-year old case is pending, no payments – or fliers – need be made.