For the past few months, Starbucks has pointed to its experience in China – and more specifically in the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated – as proof that it would come out of the pandemic quickly and in relatively good stead. Back at the end of March, CEO Kevin Johnson pointed to the company experience in China as preparing it to open throughout the US. “The recovery is unfolding in China and that is what gives us confidence that we know how to manage through this.” And despite reports last month that COVID-19 had cost the company $915 million, Johnson boasted that the company “will not just survive, but with new adaptations and new routines, it will thrive.” At the same time, COO Roz Brewer advised landlords around the company’s footprint that they have to “adapt to new realities” and yield to Starbucks’ rent concession demands in the face of the “staggering economic crisis” caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, “thriving” all depends on whose ox is being gored!