It is a safe bet that the aforementioned NLRB is rooting hard for more successful unionization efforts across the country, but the front line of that battle continues to be Starbucks and the 300 election petitions nationally filed by Starbucks Workers United. In some of the more recent news, the union formally filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the chain after Starbucks announced this week that it planned to permanently close one of its three stores in Ithaca New York. All three stores in the upstate New York community that is home to Cornell University and Ithaca College have voted to unionize, making Ithaca the first city in the country to unionize all of its Starbucks stores. Workers at that particular store went on strike in April allegedly due to health concerns over an overflowing grease trap. Aside from the Ithaca issues, the union last week announced that it was creating a national strike fund that it would “seed” with $1 million to be used to compensate baristas who strike against the company during contract negotiations in any of the unionized stores. And finally, the union activity has not been limited only to more union-friendly environs such as northern or ‘blue’ states as one Starbucks store in Greenville, South Carolina voted to unionize ;last month with others in the Palmetto state scheduled to vote in the coming weeks and months.