As we advised you a shortly before Labor Day, Starbucks is looking down the barrel of the unionizing shotgun in upstate New York as baristas in three Buffalo stores have petitioned the NLRB for a union representation election. In response, Starbucks this week attempted to significantly expand the playing field by responding to the NLRB that the effort should include all 20 Buffalo- area stores, an expansion that would have some 450 Starbucks employees voting on the unionizing petition. The strategic result would be critical as NLRB regulations provide that the initial threshold for unionizing is that 30% of the workers must sign a card or petition requesting union representation. The SBWorkersUnited group submitted a unionizing letter to the company with 49 signatures. If the petition were to cover all 20 stores, then supporters would need to secure an additional 100 plus signatures in support to get the election scheduled. Subsequently, a majority of votes cast (presumably 225+1) would need to support the union for the NLRB to officially recognize the union as representing the employees. The NLRB has set a deadline for the two sides to reach agreement of next Wednesday, September 22 at which point the issue will go before an NLRB hearing.