Crain’s New York Business reports that after two seasons serving McCafe beverages at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, McDonald’s has bowed out and Starbucks has stepped in.

The burger chain’s initial appearance at Fashion Week a year ago surprised fashionistas who are used to more opulent fare, Crain’s reports, but by the time the fall season rolled around, it was accepted and understood that lower price points are in vogue.

McDonald’s served more than 13,000 cups of espresso and coffee by midway through last February’s Fashion Week, “exceeding expectations,” Crain’s said in a phrase that made me wonder if I was reliving a Starbucks earnings call.

The chains don’t disclose how much they pay to participate in Fashion Week, which officially began today. Starbucks is serving Frappuccino Lite, “a limited-calorie option created especially for Fashion Week,” Crain’s wrote.