Coming on the heels of employees in one Buffalo market Starbucks store formally voting to unionize, efforts to replicate that first successful unionizing effort in the company are spreading. Before the ink on the NLRB union ratification had even dried, employees at three other Buffalo area stores began similar organizing efforts and employees from two Boston area stores sent notification to Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson advising him that they also plan to unionize their workplaces and will be seeking an NLRB-sanctioned union representation election. News reports stated that 36 of 47 employees in the two Boston area stores (one in the Boston neighborhood of Allston, the other in the Boston suburb of Brookline) had signed union cards indicating they were in favor of unionizing. To hold a union representation election, the NLRB requires at least 30% of workers sign cards or a petition supporting a union. At the same time, employees at three other Buffalo-market stores have indicated their efforts to join the Starbucks Workers United local are underway. It is also reported that employees at one store at least in the Mesa Arizona market is also in the process of organizing through Workers United.