With 6 more upstate New York stores and a shop in Kansa voting to unionize last week, only to be followed by 2 Boston area stores doing so UNANIMOUSLY this week, Starbucks will be pursuing a different strategy moving forward under interim CEO Howard Schultz (also the founder and twice previously President and CEO). In his first week back at the helm, Schultz announced a suspension of the company stock buyback program immediately and followed that up with a series of town-hall style meetings with employees around the country.  At those meetings, he categorized the threat of unionization as an assault on the company, further describing the SBWorkers United union as an “outside organization trying to take our people.”  Down 16-1 in NLRB certified union representation elections so far, Starbucks also advertised for an in-house attorney with experience in “strike contingency planning” in a job posting reported on by Business Insider early this week. That posting came with another for a labor-related position for one with “experience and engagement communications” posted at about the same time. Interestingly, both of the new position postings come on the heels of the company announcing the appointment of its first Chief Strategy Officer since 2018, naming Frank Britt to the position. Of course, it all comes against the backdrop of Schultz assuming day-to-day control of the company – for the third time.