One would have thought Starbucks had a full plate of issues with 6 stores newly unionized and another 120+ awaiting NLRB approval and scheduling of union representation elections, but there’s more the company is dealing with now. This week at the company’s annual meeting, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced that he was retiring – on April 4 – and will be temporarily replaced by founder and former CEO Howard Schultz in an interim CEO capacity. Although no reason was given for Johnson’s hasty departure, the company claimed that his retirement was in the works for many months. At the same time, some investors are verbalizing their opposition to Starbucks effort to prevail in union elections for some of its stores. In a March 15 letter – following the March 10 Starbucks Workers United filing of unfair labor practice charges against the company – a host of stockholders and activist groups complained about the company tactics in opposing unionizing efforts and urge the company to adopt a more “union-neutral” posture instead of continuing to oppose unionizing efforts. And, this week the company also announced plans to do away with single-use disposable cups by the beginning of the next decade – 8 years away.