The Attorneys General of 16 states around the nation submitted a letter on Tuesday commenting on the proposed new Department of Labor rule on the overtime exemption. You will recall that DOL under former President Obama more than doubled the overtime exemption to $47,476 (from $23,660), although that increase was ultimately thrown out by the courts. Conversely, under President Trump and Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, DOL has proposed increasing the threshold to $35,308 (still a 50% increase), but according to the 16 AGs (all of whom are democrats), that salary is far too low. In the letter, they argue that increasing the OT threshold by so small an amount will “expose millions of workers” to misclassification as exempt from overtime. They also claimed in their comments that the proposed rule would make it too difficult to enforce state labor laws because of a lack of state resources and “reliance on federal authorities to set a guiding example.” The AGs signing the comment letter were from New York, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington. The public comment period ended Tuesday and DOL now begins deliberation on finalizing the proposal in light of all the public comments it received.