The Attorneys General of 10 states and the District of Columbia are investigating the alleged use of so-called “no poaching” clauses within franchise agreements. Bloomberg News contacted DDIFO for comment on the investigation at the beginning of the week at the issue was surfacing (or perhaps more accurately, ‘being created’). Federal legislation seeking to outlaw such clauses has been filed by New Jersey Senator Corey Booker and co-sponsored by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Massachusetts AG Maura Healey is leading the effort to paint the clauses as ‘anti-competitive’ and has sent letters to 8 franchised brands (including Dunkin’) asking about the use of the clauses. Aside from Dunkin’, letters have been sent to Burger King, Panera Bread, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Five Guys, Little Caesars and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. The initiative includes California, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island along with DC. In a separate action, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson claims that he has reached agreement with McDonald’s, Auntie Anne’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Carl’s Jr., Cinnabon and Jimmy John’s to have the brands all drop current no poaching clauses from their franchise agreements.