As local communities across the country continue to pass their local mandates on such things as environmental policies, employee benefits, minimum wages and the like, some states have responded with state preemption laws prohibiting local communities from getting involved in dictating certain issues. We have a recent example out of Florida and one still brewing in Texas that should be noted. First in the Sunshine State, the republican controlled legislature moved quickly this session to pass HB 771, a bill dealing with recycling issues that also prohibited local communities from banning plastic single-use straws. Just hours after it reached his desk however, first term republican Governor Ron DeSantis quickly vetoed the proposal, however siding with environmental groups and supporting municipal autonomy so long as the state’s interests aren’t harmed. On the other hand, the Texas legislature is advancing legislation to prohibit local communities from imposing local scheduling and overtime requirements on private businesses. The House Committee on State Affairs voted 10-2 to approve legislation preempting local communities from enacting restrictive scheduling ordinances. Other bills – preempting local sick leave mandates, certain health and retirement benefit mandates, and local ban the box requirements – are still being deliberated in committee.