The minimum wage issue continues to be debated in a number of state houses across the country, with several looking to roll back new mandates. In Arkansas, republican state senator Bob Ballinger filed legislation to partially undo a ballot initiative passed by the state voters in November. Senate Bill 115 would exempt anyone under the age of 18 from the state minimum wage as well as anyone employed at a school, preschool, college, nonprofit organization or business with fewer than 50 employees. Under the initiative approved by voters, the Arkansas minimum wage for all employees rose to $9.25/hour on January 1st and will increase over the next 2 years to $11 an hour. Heading in the other direction, Oklahoma state senator George Young has filed Senate Bill 102, which would increase the current state minimum of $7.25 to $10.50 per hour. Young has filed minimum wage increases similar to Senate 102 in each of the past few years with minimums up to $15/hour. His bills have not received any hearings, but he continues to file them.