Despite such reasonable rulings on overtime and the methods for overtime calculations proposed by the Trump administration, a number of states are dramatically pushing the overtime limits at the state level. On Thursday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) charged the state labor department with expanding overtime eligibility across the state, using the Obama figure as “a starting point.” Most will remember the Obama DOL set the overtime threshold at almost $50,000 before a federal court in Texas stuck down the rule with a national permanent injunction. At the same time, a New Jersey think tank proposed a new overtime policy for the Garden State that would mandate overtime for all employees earning less than $78,000 per year by 2024. California has already legislated an overtime threshold of $62,400/year, while New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine and Colorado are considering similar mandates at differing levels of compensation. Some lawmakers in Washington State are advocating for the highest threshold in the nation with proposals requiring overtime for anyone earning less than $79,872!  Currently at the federal level, the overtime threshold under President Trump is set at $35,568.