Periodically, we will hear directly from some federal, state or local regulatory agencies asking us to assist with delivering a message to QSR franchisees in general, or Dunkin’ franchisees in particular, about one issue or another. Whenever possible, we try to accommodate these requests and pass along the information. Such was the case again this week when the Delaware Division of Public Health reached out to us about a number of citizen complaints it’s received through the Division’s COVID Complaint Box. Those complaints alleged employees in some restaurants and food establishments within New Castle County specifically as well as all across Delaware either not wearing face coverings at all, or not wearing their face coverings correctly. The Delaware DPH has asked that we remind franchisees that all employees must be masked properly, meaning that the face covering must cover the face from above the nose to below the chin. We want to thank the Delaware DPH for bringing this issue to our attention and for their continued diligence. We are happy to remind our subscribers – we’re in this pandemic fight together!