Out in the “other Washington” (that would be the state), voters in November will be asked to prohibit local communities from imposing additional taxes on groceries including soda or other sugary beverages. If passed, Initiative 1634 would not affect Seattle’s tax on soda, syrups and sugary beverages of 1.75 cents per ounce, but it will prevent other cities, towns and counties from imposing similar local taxes. In addition, it would prevent Seattle from increasing their tax at any point in the future. Proponents of the initiative, the “Yes to Affordable Groceries” coalition, is largely being funded by the American soda industry, having raised over $13 million thus far. The coalition also consists of over 1,000 organizations as diverse as local Teamsters chapters to the Washington Farm Bureau and the Washington Food Industry Association. Opponents have raised less than $8,000 with one month to go before the election.