Opponents of the Fast-Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, known as the FAST Act, succeeded in their effort to put the question of repealing the FAST Act on the 2024 California ballot. The Save Local Restaurants coalition, consisting of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) along with the US Chamber of Commerce and the International Franchise Association (IFA) along with other groups, reportedly collected more than 1 million voter signatures opposing the measure. To suspend adoption of the FAST Act, which Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law on Labor Day, until after the voters have rendered their verdict, the coalition had to collect over 623,000 signatures by last Sunday, December 4. You’ll recall that among other provisions, the FAST Act creates a 10-person appointed council that would establish work rules, compensation levels (up to $22/hour) and working conditions in private QSR businesses across California. Congratulations to the Save Local Restaurants Coalition on the success of this major endeavor and we hope for their continued success in fighting this egregious legislation going forward to the 2024 election.