For the past year or so, some have focused attention on how much sugar the average American consumer ingests on a regular basis.  The genesis of this focus was arguably the 2012 push by former New York City Mayor Bloomberg to limit the size of sugary drink beverages that a restaurant could sell.  Since that effort was overturned by the courts, the issue has not gone away, it’s gone federal!  The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently mandated revised food labels which will require the identification of “Added Sugars” as well as a further explanation of the “daily value” of the given ingredients among other changes and additions. The new FDA mandated label will highlight “calories” and “servings”, change the amount of “serving sizes” to more common measures (8 ounce beverages change to 12 ounce beverages, for example) and include “dual column” information for a serving or the entire package!  I’m not sure, but wouldn’t most people know that eating an entire half-gallon of ice cream is not good for you??  Now, the government requires the food packager to tell you, just in case!