Just last week, we advised readers of the scheduled term expirations for the members of the National Labor Relations Board, and the importance of the President filling vacancies on the Board.  In that vein, you’ll recall that the first to expire is the republican member Philip Miscimarra (December, 2017). Well, the power within the current Board (even prior to Trump filling the two vacant seats) has already begun shifting as yesterday President Trump named Board member Miscimarra as the new Acting Chairman of the NLRB! The power of the Chairman is essentially grounded in setting the agenda and directing deliberations within the Board and until two vacant seats are filled, Acting Chairman Miscimarra will still be the lone republican on the Board!  This week, the 3 Board members unanimously ruled that a Burger King franchisee, EYM King of Missouri, violated federal labor law by disciplining 6 employees who engaged in a one-day Fight for $15 strike in Kansas City back in 2015 and supported a local union, the Workers Organizing Committee. Let’s hope President Trump fills those vacancies soon!