A bill has been filed in the North Carolina legislature that will allow food trucks operating in the state to offer seating to their customers.  The legislation, filed in the NC General Assembly by state Senator Jerry Tillman, allows a food stand to provide tables and chairs for customers without obtaining a restaurant permit.  We will look forward to the opportunity to explain the inherent inequity of  to compete with the far more heavily regulated bricks and mortar restaurants to North Carolina legislators.  Ironically, that same General Assembly earlier this year chose Rep Tim Moore as the new Speaker.  Speaker Moore describes himself as a pro-business Republican: “I know what it’s like to sign the front side of the paycheck. I’ve had employees for years. I’ve had other business ventures. So I know the challenges facing small business because I have a small business. I know that small businesses are the heart of the economy in this state and in this country. I take that viewpoint with me to Raleigh every day”.