Kentucky Requires Lawyers in Unemployment Hearings

In what could undoubtedly be an expensive ruling for Kentucky businesses, the Kentucky Court of Appeals has tossed out a longstanding law allowing a non-lawyer to represent an employer at administrative unemployment hearings.  In its April 26 decision, the court found the law an unconstitutional encroachment on the state judicial branch’s executive authority to regulate…

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Attorney Ramy P. Elmasri from Vernis & Bowling

Ramy P. Elmasri, Esq. Biography

Attorney Ramy P. Elmasri  is an expert in Florida employment litigation and professional liability.  With the national firm of Vernis & Bowling since 2012, he is an experienced insurance company claims attorney who oversaw and handled a multitude of cases from inception to their natural resolution as an insurance employee.  As a former insurance company…

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Carmen Caruso Re-Locates to The Chambers in Chicago

Carmen D. Caruso, a nationally known franchisee trial lawyer and a DDIFO Sponsor, re-locates his practice in “The Chambers” — a dynamic suite of trial lawyers in downtown Chicago who operate on a “lean and mean” platform backed up with the best litigation technology and who prepare their cases for trial in a state-of-the-art mock trial courtroom.

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