Boston Café Wins Rent Reprieve in Court

A Massachusetts Superior Court judge has ruled that a London-based Caffe Nero chain café cannot be forced to backpay rent for the months during the early days of the pandemic when they were shut down by a state mandate. Judge Kenneth Salinger ruled that the café, which closed permanently in October, was still legally bound…

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EEO-1 Filing Deadline Extended

As expected, the deadline for employers to file the EEO-1 form with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was extended until May 31, 2019. The Employer Information Report EEO-1 form, the filing of which is annually set for March 31, was caught up in the 35-day government shutdown due to EEOC lapsed appropriations. Consequently, the…

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EEO-1 Filing Deadline in Question

With the government shutdown heading into its 2nd month and no immediate resolution in sight, we should anticipate additional disruptions in the coming weeks to “business as usual” in regards to federal government issues and requirements. The major headlines have focused on the IRS being affected by it and the possibility that tax refunds may…

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Shutdown Causes Taxing Times

And, speaking of the partial government shutdown, with tax deadlines and annual income tax filing obligations approaching, the impact on the operations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is of growing concern to a number of businesses and individuals. Notwithstanding, the administration announced this week that tax refunds will be paid out during the shutdown…

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E-Verify Caught in Shutdown

It is the budgetary standoff between President Trump and congressional democrats over border wall funding rather than a computer snafu that has caused the shutdown of the government’s E-verify program. As a result of the government shutdown and its impact on E-Verify, E-verify accounts are inaccessible; all e-verify webinars are cancelled (other than the I-9…

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Shutdown Impacts Taxman!

The recent government shutdown had far-reaching implications in many areas of our economy, even reaching and impacting the Internal Revenue Service!  But alas, that impact was not what you would have hoped . . . the IRS this past week announced that as a result of the shutdown over the first 3 weeks of October,…

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Bankrate's Financial Security Index

Consumers Still Holding Off on Spending

Despite political rhetoric in some circles that the economy is recovering from the depths of the last 5 years of recession, American consumers don’t seem to be convinced.  It is reported that according to the latest Financial Security Index from Bankrate, some 72% of Americans are still intentionally holding down spending because of concerns over…

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Small Business

Small Business Confidence Drops As Own Sales Outlook Brightens

Small business lacks confidence in the overall economy, but maintains a favorable outlook on their own sales/profits.  In the recently released NFIB Index of Small Business Indicators, which was conducted before the government shutdown, the index on confidence dropped 0.2 points from the prior month of August to 93.9.  Despite the lack of confidence overall,…

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E-Verify Offline Due To Federal Shutdown

One of the immediate casualties of Washington’s inability to take care of business and the resulting shutdown has been the E-Verify system for checking the legal status of immigrants applying for employment. Despite the fact that the system has been and will continue to be down until the shutdown ends, the US Immigration and Citizenship…

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