Independent Joe #51 August/September

 So we’ve turned the page and begun a new chapter at Dunkin’ Brands with the ascension of Dave Hoffman to President and Chief Executive Officer and the retirement of Nigel Travis. As we’ve often written here, change is inevitable and, ultimately, healthy. I would expect that to be true of this latest change as…

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Green Steps

The staple Styrofoam cup will soon be a thing of the past in the Dunkin’ world. As of last May, Dunkin’ Brands removed foam cups from all New York City and California locations. Stores in Hawaii are in the midst of replacing foam cups too, with the brand planning for all of its 12,500 stores…

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Saving Dollars and Making Sense of Going Green

Green Elite is still a relatively new term for Dunkin’ Donuts. When Dunkin’ Brands launched its Green Initiative in late 2014, it identified two levels of green achievement. Green Elite is the top tier, “where stores reach beyond requirements, and achieve additional suggested sustainable goals,” a press release stated. While it may not be the…

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The Millennials: Brewing tomorrow’s profits!

Independent Joe #29: December/ January

In the push to grow same-store sales, franchisees across the Dunkin’ Donuts footprint are focusing on Generation Y—the generation known as millennials. There are more than 80 million of these 18-33 year olds with over a trillion dollars in buying power and a huge influence on older generations like the Baby Boomers. According to the…

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Green is the New Black: Franchisee Finds Benefits in Green Building

Small business owners of all kinds are realizing that environmental awareness and eco-friendly business models are not only appealing to their customers, but are also beneficial to their bottom line. Dunkin’ Brands knows their franchisees are no exception. In 2012, the brand used its Corporate Social Responsibility Report to announce its commitment to using better…

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Recycelable Paper Cups from Dunkin Donuts - Eva Walsh

Styrofoam Ban Presents Challenge To Community

The styrofoam ban in Brookline, Massachusetts will officially take effect on January 1, 2014.  Dunkin’ shops within the Boston bedroom suburb have already begun using an alternative cup developed by Dunkin’ in their efforts to find an environmentally friendly alternative to its iconic polystyrene cup.  Ironically, in local press reports, Brookline Health Chief Alan Balsam…

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A virtual cup of coffee with DDIFO Executive Director Ed Shanahan

July 14th – Enviormental Reform, Energy Saving Grants, Hall of Fame Nominations

North Carolina’s Changing Environment – North Carolina takes a different view of environmental considerations when it comes to rezoning proposals and the jobs it can represent.  Currently, in Charlotte, residents may protest rezoning issues and force a supermajority requirement on the Charlotte City Council.  The legislature however is within one final vote of passing the Create…

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Amid constantly rising operational costs, eTemp™ offers franchisees one effortless solution that instantly generates savings. A device for commercial refrigerators, eTemp upgrades the unit’s thermostat to run according to actual food temperature instead of air temperature. The NSF-certified device reduces refrigeration energy consumption by 20% and extends compressor life by cutting start triggers in half.…

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