Tipping Over the Wage

Efforts are underway in the state of New York as well as in the District of Columbia to eliminate the so-called tipped wage within the restaurant industry. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo put a target on the tipped wage in his December state of the state address when he advocated phasing it out to bring…

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Minimum Wage Issues Still In News

It seems to be a drumbeat that we’ve been hearing forever, but there were more minimum wage issues of which we took note this week.  Speaking of New York, the Governor Cuomo Wage Board, charged with increasing the minimum wage for fast food workers throughout the state, has yet to issue their final recommendation, but…

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A virtual cup of coffee with DDIFO Executive Director Ed Shanahan

July 24th – Lt. Gov. Guadagno Confirmed for DDIFO Conference, Taxes, Hall of Fame Nominees, DBI Earnings

Lieutenant Governor Guadagno Confirmed for DDIFO Conference – DDIFO continues to add exciting components to our lineup for the 2013 National Conference.  This week we confirmed that New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno will address DDIFO attendees on Tuesday, September 17 at 11:00 AM.  Lt. Governor Guardano also serves the Garden State as its Secretary of State and leads…

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