What’s Brewing: Fair Franchising, Obamacare, Wage Hikes, Labor Pains

Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners looking for some basic protections for their businesses may soon have legislation to rally around in a number of states across the country. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania and California, among other states, are poised to take up the fair-franchising cause as spring legislative seasons kick into gear. While the bills vary in…

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Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, requiring responsible franchise practices; conferring powers and duties upon the Department of Community and Economic Development; and establishing remedies and penalties.

Important Pennsylvania Fair Franchising Hearing Coming

The House Consumer Affairs Committee of the Pennsylvania Legislature will be holding an important public hearing on HB 1620 , filed by Representative Peter Daley on Tuesday, November 19.  We will be testifying on behalf of DDIFO members along with Coalition of Franchisee Association (CFA) Chairman Keith Miller, but we would encourage many other franchisees…

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