A class action lawsuit was filed this week in Chicago against McDonalds alleging the company hasn’t acted sufficiently to protect its employees in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. If you take the longer view, you can see the allies lining up and checking the requisite boxes over the past few months to initiate such an action – the ramifications for the entire QSR industry could be significant as the belief here is that the ultimate goal is unionizing the industry. At the end of April, Fight for $15, the SEIU-backed union advocacy group, was alleging that McDonald’s was jeopardizing the health and safety of its employees by not providing sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE). They also complained that the company hadn’t properly trained its employees and was not providing paid sick leave. A few days later, the American Civil Liberties Union launched its own advocacy campaign and demanded that the company provide all employees – of both franchised and company stores – with paid sick and family leave. Sporadic strikes were called over the course of the past month at a number of McDonald’s stores in the Chicago area and as the company held its annual stockholder meeting this week, the final box was checked and the class action lawsuit was filed by 5 employees and 4 family members. The plaintiffs seek an injunction requiring the company stop mandating employees reuse facemasks, require customers to wear facemasks and require the company to notify coworkers when an employee is infected. In my view, the ultimate goal here is to unionize the QSR workforce.