As state legislatures around the country begin their 2015 sessions in earnest, we couldn‘t help note that several are now looking at reducing tax burdens and making more of an effort to “live within their means”.  In his State of the State address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo highlighted his “2015 Opportunity Agenda”, which calls for a four percent tax reduction as well as a host of resources for small business.  He also announced creation of the New Business Express, a one stop shop for businesses looking to start up or expand and he plans to host a Small Business Summit later in the year. Florida Governor Rick Scott partially won the governor’s office on the strength of a tax cut package for businesses from small to corporate.  The Finance and Tax Committee of the Florida Senate gave his $673 million tax-cut package initial approval by a unanimous vote this week while the Banking and Insurance Committee endorsed another component of his tax plan by a 10-1 margin.  Maine Governor Paul LePage, entering his second term, is pushing for a dramatic revamping of the state tax code, promising to cut income taxes and eliminate the estate tax, while broadening the sales tax by striking a host of existing exemptions.  Business pass-through and corporate income tax rates are both said to be high on the legislative agenda in Annapolis as Maryland’s 90-day legislative session began a few weeks back.  Reductions may be hard to come by however for new Governor Larry Hogan as they must close a $1.2 billion budget shortfall.  The budget gap in Massachusetts wasn’t quite that large when new Republican Governor Charlie Baker took office, but in closing the $768 million hole, he relies on over $500 million in spending reductions as well as changes to the capital gains tax that will yield additional one-time revenues.  We’ll keep you advised as we learn more of the political agendas and hot button issues in other states.