As if it’s not enough of a burden to fight local, state & federal government efforts to endlessly increase taxes on consumers across the country, now the international community is putting in its two cents!  Recall that former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg got the ball rolling with his 2012 proposal to ban outright the purchase of soft drinks in excess of 16 ounces.  That illegal effort was tossed by the courts, but it seemingly gave birth to the notion of taxing sugary drinks out of existence (Berkeley, CA & Philadelphia, PA now extract an additional tax from the sale of soda).  Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is “weighing in” that sugary drinks cause obesity, so the WHO is urging nations around the world to tax sugary drinks as much as 20% so as to reduce consumption of soda and other beverages.  Maybe more exercise and fewer video games would help?  I also would have assumed that with the humanitarian crisis continuing in Aleppo, the Zika virus afflicting many nations across the globe and ebola still rampant on the African continent, the WHO would have had more than enough issues to occupy its time, but perhaps not!