In some ways, the state of California began the rush to apply additional punitive taxes to customers who buy “sugary beverages” when Berkeley voters passed a measure to apply a $.01 cent per ounce tax on purchase in 2014. Since that time, no fewer than 4 other communities in the Golden State have enacted it along with Boulder, Philadelphia and Cook County, Illinois! That isn’t quite enough for elected officials on the West Coast. For the 3rd consecutive session, California state senator Bill Monning has filed a bill that would mandate that sugary drink packages contain a warning label advising consumers that beverages with added sugar contributes to diabetes, obesity and tooth decay! Not to be outdone, over in the other branch, California Assemblyman Mark Stone introduced Assembly Bill 319, which would mandate that all plastic bottles that have a cap (I can’t think of any that don’t, but I digress.) must have that cap tethered to the bottle! I don’t know for sure, but I’m betting that Assemblyman Stone has never signed the front of a paycheck? And speaking of soda taxes, labels & tethers, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a petition asking the court to take special jurisdiction over an appeal of the case brought by the American Beverage Association and others that challenges the Philadelphia soda tax.