Blue MauMau attempts to rank the ten best-known and influential associations.

When it comes to industrial might and lobbying power, the franchise industry is lopsided. A few big groups have the lion’s share.

Franchise Association Revenue ($1000) PAC (x$1,000) Paid Members
Auto Dealers (NADA) $45,000 $5,100        17,000
Franchising Firms (IFA) $10,578 $315          2,238
Hotel Owners (AAHOA) $6,200 $300        10,216
7-Eleven (NCASEF) $4,000 $2,500          3,500
Burger King (NFA) $1,200 $200          5,200
KFC Franchisees (AKFCF) $1,100 $150              600
Subway (NAASF) $650 $0          4,000
Franchisees & Dealers, AAFD $300 $0              400
Coalition of Franchisee Assns $20                  8
International Assoc., IAFD $0                  3

It is not a complete list. Although 130 of an estimated 250 franchisee associations in the U.S. are listed in Franchipedia, a social media-based wikipedia for the franchise industry, many remain in the background, unnoticed by almost all.

Survey sources

The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) and the International Franchise Association (IFA) provided numbers to Blue MauMau. A representative for the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) provided guidance. The numbers for all other groups were much harder to obtain and are this journal’s best guess, with the help of group and industry insiders. The revenues and paid members are for 2009. PAC money is for the end of the last election cycle, 2008.

Franchise associations range from representing franchising firms, like the International Franchise Association largely does, to those who solely represent owner-operators under a single brand, like the National Franchisee Association, which represents Burger King franchisees.

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