DDIFO-National-Conf-Vegas-Logo-500wDDIFO enjoyed a great National Conference this week – and I just got back last night, so this will not be a long issue of Small Regular, No Sugar. There are a couple of timely items however, that I thought important enough to convey. First, thank you to the exceptional presenters we enjoyed over the course of our 3-day conference; thank you as well to the 60 different DDIFO sponsors who spent the conference exhibiting their fine products and services to our members; and, thank you to the Rio Hotel & Casino staff for their conscientious care and hospitality, ensuring that our conference was first class and exceedingly successful – it was both! Lastly, I want to thank the franchise owners who took the time to attend the conference and the Hall of Fame events. DDIFO is your organization and with your membership and steadfast support, you make it as successful as it is and its future as bright and promising as it is. Thank you!