Much is being said about the importance of the midterm elections and many of us may wonder what exactly is the big issue? Why are the 2018 Midterm elections sooooo important. The answer is essentially who holds to keys to the US government for the next two years. As to Supreme Court Issues, the President nominates subject to the advice and consent of the US Senate. If the Senate stays in Republican control, then President Trump will get to nominate more conservative justices to the nation’s highest court. Currently, the Republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate. If the US House of Representatives flips (currently controlled by the Republicans by a 240 – 190 majority), then we can expect non-stop investigations focused on the Trump administration for the next two years. Essentially, as of this writing, it would appear that the entire mid-term elections results come down to 29 races for the US House that are considered ‘toss-ups’. In the US Senate, there are 9 races that are considered toss-ups. The results in both the House and the Senate will determine whether the government can get anything accomplished over the next two years or not. We cannot underemphasize the importance of businessmen and women getting out and vote on Tuesday!